When the Words Are Ready: Resources to Create and Launch Indie Books

Photo Credit: Horla Varlan, Flickr, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Horla Varlan, Flickr, Creative Commons

As my own book is getting ready to head into proofreading, I know I’m thinking about all the crazy things I still have to do before Launch Day. Maybe you’re in the same boat. Today, I’m listing some of the resources I’ve collected that offer advice and instructions for those run-up to launch tasks.

Book Construction and Preparation

Book Covers: Tips of the Trade by Kate Tilton on Bibliocrunch’s blog

The InDesigner–Long Documents by Michael Murphy, The InDesigner

These are old. They don’t use InDesign CC, but I’m figuring it out anyway. The interface isn’t too different.


A Step-by-Step to Book Publishing with Createspace by Lyn Horner on The Book Designer

Amazon Author Central by Elizabeth Spann Craig

Launches and Events

Your Book Launch: Soft or Hard by Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer

How to Set up a Book Signing as an Independent (Self-Published) Author by Tom Hobbs

Hobbs even includes a link to a sample press release.

What are the best production/prelaunch resources you’ve come across lately! Do share in the comments.

Photo Credit: Horla Varlan, Creative Commons

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